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5 Complete Clayton Moore Serials - Vol 2



All  66 Chapters - Over 16 Hours of Viewing Pleasure
Makes a Great - Sealed in Shrink Wrap


5 Clayton Moore Classic Movie Serials Vol - 2


Clayton Moore, best Known as televisionís Lone Ranger, 
made 10 serials which were mostly done right after World 
War 2. He played the lead role in 6 of them  The studios 
were faced with shrinking budgets and had to cut back on 
original action scenes which made the presence of skilled 
leading players more important than in the serialís golden 
age. Moore, with his sincerity and acting skill, was just the 
type of actor the post-war serials needed.



Volume 2 Contains the 5 following Complete Serials

Ghost of Zorro - 1949
Clayton Moore - Pamela Blake - Roy Barcroft
12 Chapters - 1948 - 167 Minutes

Radar Men from the Moon - 1952
George Wallace - Aline Towne - Clayton Moore
12 Chapters - 1952 - 167 Minutes

Son of Geronimo  - 1952
Clayton Moore - Rodd Redwing - Tommy Farrell
15 Chapters - 1952 - 240 Minutes

Jungle Drums of Africa  - 1952
Clayton Moore - Phyllis Coates - Johnny Spencer
12 Chapters - 1953 - 167 Minutes

Gunfighters of the Northwest  - 1953
Jock Mahoney - Clayton Moore - Phyllis Coates
15 Chapters - 1954 - 249 Minutes

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Please keep in mind that these movies are of very good quality for their age, but some being over 75 years old. This is Not HD quality and may not look that great on your large flat screen TV.
These Classic Serials are in the Public Domain.