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All 5 Johnny Mack Brown Classic Movie Serials

Johnny Mack Brown

His good looks and powerful physique saw him portrayed on Wheaties cereal boxes 
and in 1927, brought an offer for motion picture screen tests that resulted in a long 
and successful career in Hollywood. He played silent film star Mary Pickford's love 
interest in her first talkie, Coquette (1929), for which Pickford won an Oscar.

He appeared in minor roles until 1930 when he was cast as the star in a Western 
entitled Billy the Kid and directed by King Vidor. An early widescreen film 
(along with Raoul Walsh's The Big Trail with John Wayne, produced the same year), 
the movie also features Wallace Beery as Pat Garrett. Brown was billed over 
Beery, who would become MGM's highest-paid actor within the next three years. 
Also in 1930, Brown played Joan Crawford's love interest in Montana Moon. 
Brown went on to make several more top-flight movies under the name 
John Mack Brown, including The Secret Six (1931) with Wallace Beery, 
Jean Harlow, and Clark Gable, as well as the legendary Lost Generation 
celebration of alcohol. 

Rechristened "Johnny Mack Brown" in the wake of this extremely serious career 
downturn, he made low-budget westerns for independent producers. Eventually 
he became one of the screen's top B-movie cowboys, and became a popular 
star at Universal Pictures in 1937. Brown also starred in Five serials and was a 
hero to millions of young children at movie theaters and on their television screens.


DVD Disc 1

Fighting With Kit Carson - 1933
Johnny Mack Brown - Betsy King Ross - Noah Beery, Sr.
12 Chapters - 1933 - 250 Minutes

DVD Disc 2

Rustlers of Red Dog - 1935
Johnny Mack Brown - Joyce Compton - Raymond Hatton
12 Chapters - 1935 - 231 Minutes

DVD Disc 3

Wild West Days - 1937
Johnny Mack Brown - George Shelley - Lynn Gilbert
13 Chapters - 1937 - 268 Minutes

DVD Disc 4

Flaming Frontiers - 1938
Johnny Mack Brown - John Archer - Eleanor Hansen
15 Chapters - 1938 - 298 Minutes

DVD Disc 5

The Oregon Trail - 1939
Johnny Mack Brown - Louise Stanley - Fuzzy Knight
15 Chapters - 1939 - 320 Minutes


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