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Science Fiction Theater

All 78 Episodes From the 1955-1957 Classic TV Show

Complete Collectors Set on 10 DVD's

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Truman Bradley hosted the Science Fiction Theatre television show for
the entire run beginning in 1955 until its end in 1957. Two seasons were 
aired with 39 episodes each for a total of 78. With real life science experts
serving as advisors for the show, many subjects of the time were included,
such as UFO's, mental telepathy, psycho kinesis, robots, man's first flight into 
outer space, and the possibility of thawing out frozen prehistoric animals were 
dealt with in a "What If" scenario. 

The show was a great combination of Science Fact and Science Fiction.

Our Deluxe set with Cases



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1st Season 1955 - 39 Shows in Color
Time Is Just a Place
Out of Nowhere
Stranger in  Desert
No Food for Thought
Brain of John Emerson
Spider Inc.
Death at 2 A.M.
Conversation With an Ape
Marked Danger
Hour of Nightmare
One Hundred Years Young
Strange Dr. Lorenz
Frozen Sound
Stones Began to Move
Lost Heartbeat
World Below
Barrier of Silence
Negative Man
Dead Reckoning
A Visit from Dr. Pliny
Strange People at Pecos
Dead Storage
Human Equation
Target: Hurricane
Water Maker
Hastings Secret
Postcard from Barcelona
Friend of a Raven
Beyond Return
Before  Beginning
Long Day
Project 44
Are We Invaded?
Sound of Murder
Operation Flypaper
Other Side of  Moon


2nd Season 1956/57 - 39 Shows in B&W

Signals From  Heart
Long Sleep
Who Is This Man?
Green Bomb
When a Camera Fails
Bullet Proof
Unguided Missile
Mind Machine
Missing Waveband
Human Experiment
Man Who Didn't Know
End of Tomorrow
Phantom Car
Beam of Fire
Legend of Crater Mountain
Living Lights
The Throwback
Miracle of Dr. Dove
One Thousand Eyes
Brain Unlimited
Death at My Fingertips
Survival in Box Canyon
The Voice
Three Minute Mile
Last Barrier
Signals from Moon
Dr. Robot
Human Circuit
Miracle Hour
Sun Gold
Killer Tree
Gravity Zero
Magic Suitcase
Bolt of Lightning
Strange Lodger
Sound That Kills




Interactive Menus With Episode Titles
10 Volume DVD Set

Shows have been compiled from various sources including
Broadcast to complete this Deluxe Collectors Edition.

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Now for a Limited Time You Will Also Receive the Best Known
Science Fiction Radio Show of All Time.

Dimension X

DIMENSION X the Science fiction drama is probably the most remembered of all Sci-Fi radio shows. The quality of the shows writers truly set it above all others. Some of the writers whose works were dramatized on the show were Ray Bradbury, Robert Block, Robert A. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and Kurt Vonnegut. Cast regulars included Wendell Holmes, Joe Desantos, Santos Ortega and Joseph Julian. The show was narrated by Norman Rose and heard on NBC from April 8th 1950 until September of 1951.

This MP3 CD contains the Complete Series of 50 shows

Dimension X 50 Shows - Complete Series
50-04-08 Dimension X The Outer Limit
50-04-15 Dimension X With Folded Hands
50-04-22 Dimension X Report On The Barn house Effect
50-04-29 Dimension X No Contact
50-05-06 Dimension X Knock
50-05-13 Dimension X Almost Human
50-05-20 Dimension X The Lost Race
50-05-27 Dimension X To The Future
50-06-03 Dimension X The Embassy
50-06-10 Dimension X The Green Hills Of Earth
50-06-17 Dimension X There Will Come Soft Rains + Zero Hour
50-06-24 Dimension X Destination Moon
50-07-01 Dimension X A Logic Named Joe
50-07-07 Dimension X Mars Is Heaven
50-07-14 Dimension X The Man In The Moon
50-07-21 Dimension X Beyond Infinity
50-07-28 Dimension X The Potters Of Firsk
50-08-04 Dimension X Perigi's Wonderful Dolls
50-08-11 Dimension X The Castaways
50-08-15 Dimension X The Martian Chronicles
50-08-25 Dimension X The Parade
50-09-01 Dimension X The Roads Must Roll
50-09-08 Dimension X First Contact - Outer Limit rebroadcast
50-09-15 Dimension X Hello Tomorrow
50-09-22 Dimension X Dr Grimshaw's Sanitorium
50-09-29 Dimension X And The Moon Be Still As Bright
50-10-28 Dimension X No Contact
50-11-05 Dimension X The Professor Was A Thief
50-11-12 Dimension X Shanghaied
50-11-19 Dimension X Competition
50-11-26 Dimension X Universe
50-12-24 Dimension X The Green Hills Of Earth
51-01-07 Dimension X Mars Is Heaven
51-01-14 Dimension X The Martian Death March
51-06-03 Dimension X The Last Objective
51-06-10 Dimension X Nightmare
51-06-17 Dimension X Pebble In The Sky
51-06-24 Dimension X Child's Play
51-07-12 Dimension X Time And Time Again
51-07-19 Dimension X Dwellers In Silence
51-07-26 Dimension X Courtesy
51-08-02 Dimension X Universe
51-08-09 Dimension X The Veldt
51-08-16 Dimension X The Vital Factor
51-08-23 Dimension X Untitled Story
51-08-30 Dimension X Marionettes Inc
51-09-08 Dimension X First Contact
51-09-15 Dimension X Kaleidoscope
51-09-22 Dimension X Requiem
51-09-29 Dimension X Nightfall (Last Show)




X MINUS ONE the Science Fiction drama is probably one the most remembered of all Sci-Fi radio shows. X Minus One was an NBC science fiction series that was a revival, of NBC's earlier science fiction series, DIMENSION X which ran from April 8th 1950 until September of 1951.The quality of the shows writers truly set it above all others. Some of the writers whose works were dramatized on the show were Ray Bradbury, Robert Block, Robert A. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and Kurt Vonnegut. Cast regulars included Wendell Holmes, Joe Desantos and Joseph Julian.

The show was heard on NBC from April 1955 through January of 1958.
127 shows of " X MINUS ONE "  
This is the Complete Set of Shows for this Series
A "Must Have" for the Sci-Fi Collector

Show List:

And The Moon Be Still As Bright
No Contact
The Parade
Mars Is Heaven
The Man In The Moon
Perigi's Wonderful Dolls
The Green Hills Of Earth
Dr. Grimshaw's Sanitorium
The Embassy
The Veldt
Almost Human
Cold Equations
The Martian Death March
The Castaways
And The Moon Be Still As Bright
First Contact
Child's Play
Hello Tomorrow
The Dwellers In Silence
The Outer Limit
The Vital Factor
To The Future
Marionettes Inc.
A Logic Named Joe
The Roads Must Roll
Time And Time Again
Perigis Wonderful Dolls
The Parade
Cave Of Night
Skulking Permit
Hello Tomorrow
A Gun For Dinosaur
Tunnel Under The World
$ A Plate
A Pail Of Air
How To
Star Bright
The Sense Of Wonder
Sea Legs
The Seventh Order
Hallucination Orbit
The Defenders
Project Mastodon
If You Was A Moklin
Project Trojan
Wherever You May Be
Mr. Costello, Hero
Bad Medicine
The Old Die Rich
The Stars Are The Styx
Student Body
The Last Martian
The Snow ball Effect
Surface Tension
Tunnel Under The World
The Life boat Mutiny
The Map Makers
Protective Mimicry
Soldier Boy
Pictures Don't Lie
Sam This Is You
Appointment In Tomorrow
The Martian Death March
Chain Of Command
The Castaways
There Soft Rains & Zero Hour
The Reluctant Hero's
Honeymoon In Hell
The Moon Is Green
Saucer Of Loneliness
The Girls From Earth
Open Warfare
Venus Is A Mans World
The Trap
Field Study
Real gone
The Seventh Victim
The Lights On Precipice Peak
At The Post
Martian Sam
Something For Nothing
Discovery Of Mornial Mathaway
Man's Best Friend
Inside Story
The Category Inventor
Skulking Permit
Early Model
The Merchants Of Venus
The Haunted Corpse
End As A World
The Scapegoat
At The Post
Drop Dead
Saucer Of Loneliness
The Old Die Rich
The Native Problem
The Wind Is Rising
Death wish
Point Of Departure
The Light
The Coffin Cure
Shock Troop
The Haunted Corpse
Double Dare
Target One
Prime Difference
Gray Flannel Armor
The Iron Chancellor

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