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Sea Hunt





Starring Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson


Sea Hunt was one of the most popular shows in syndication in the late fifties.


There was lots of action on Sea Hunt , and the underwater fight scenes were spectacular as Mike Nelson hunted down criminals from the undersea underworld and ran afoul of sharks, manta rays, octopuses and giant sea turtles.

This show was produced by Ivan Tors and the underwater footage was shot in various warm water places around the world, from California to Australia, from the Caribbean to the Florida Keys. While fill-in footage was filmed in exotic locales, most of the show's action scenes were shot in a huge aquarium located in California's long-gone Marineland amusement park in Palos Verde's.


42 Great episodes on this 6 DVD Collection, recorded mostly from 16mm film.
You'll love the quality of these shows.



                                    Volume 1                                Volume 2                           Volume 3

Sonar Queen

The Capture Of The Santa Rosa

The Shipwreck

Lord Christobal

Operation Green Back

Chain Of Evidence

The Getaway


    The Replacement    

Diplomatic Pouch

Point Of No Return

Hot Tracer

The Defector




The Midget Submarine


The Female Of The Species

The Sea Sled

The Stunt

Cave Diving

The Sea Serpent



                                   Volume 4                                 Volume 5                              Volume 6

    Speaking of Lamatsu           


Mercy Ship 

Port Security

Flooded Mine 

Rapture of the Deep  

Mark of the Octopus


Water Nymphs

Mister Big 

Hot Cargo

Jade Cavern 

  Expatriate's Return      


The Invader

    Changing Patterns        

 The Catalyst

  The Saint Story

 The Imposter

 The Dam

  Underwater Unit

This collection is in the Public Domain

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