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This is NOT a copy of the Newly Released (2010) set by Imagine Entertainment

You can purchase that set @ Amazon for around $75 Click  Thriller: The Complete Series

Our shows have been compiled from various sources including
Broadcast to complete this Deluxe Collectors Edition which is in the Public Domain.



A Must Have Collection for any Vintage Horror Fan!!!

All 67 Episodes of 


  a.k.a. Boris Karloff's Thriller

Television Shows on 17 DVD's

This is the COMPLETE Collection!

Now with Bonus Movie included


Starring Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson


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Your Host - Boris Karloff

This hour-long anthology series was hosted by Boris Karloff, Hollywood's 
master of the macabre. Boris would set the tone and prime the viewers for frightful and chilling dramatizations based on the works of some of the era's greatest writers in the genre—writers like Robert E. Howard, Cornell Woolrich, Richard Matheson, and Robert Bloch.  

Each episode was shot in eerie black and white and sometimes divided into two or sometimes even three separate tales. Boris Karloff himself acted in 
several episodes. The earlier entries lean more towards straight mystery 
and suspense, while later shows deal directly with horror and the occult. 

The Television showed aired between 1960 and 1962

Brand NEW Sealed Collection

Interactive Menus With Episode Titles
17 Volume DVD Set

Shows have been compiled from various sources including
Broadcast to complete this Deluxe Collectors Edition.

Set comes in DVD cases with Show Titles on Each Disc

The Collectors Edition includes the following Shows


DVD Disc 1:
The Twisted Image
Child's Play
Worse Than Murder
The Mark of the Hand


DVD Disc 2:

Rose's Last Summer
The Guilty Men
The Purple Room
The Watcher


DVD Disc 3:

Girl with a Secret
The Prediction
The Fatal Impulse
The Big Blackout 


DVD Disc 4:

Knock Three-One-Two
Man in the Middle
The Cheaters
The Hungry Glass


DVD Disc 5:

The Poisoner 
Man in the Cage 
Choose a Victim
Hay-Fork and Bill-hook 

DVD Disc 6:
The Merriweather File
The Fingers of Fear 
Well of Doom
The Ordeal of Dr. Cordell

DVD Disc 7:

Trio for Terror
Papa Benjamin 
Late Date
Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper

DVD Disc 8:
The Devil's Ticket
Parasite Mansion
A Good Imagination
Mr. George


DVD Disc 9:

Terror in Teakwood
The Prisoner in the Mirror
Dark Legacy
Pigeons from Hell


DVD Disc 10:
The Grim Reaper
What Beckoning Ghost?
The Premature Burial


DVD Disc 11:

The Weird Tailor
God Grant that She Lye Stille
The Last of the Sommervilles


DVD Disc 12:
Letter to a Lover
A Third for Pinochle
The Closed Cabinet
Dialogues with Death


DVD Disc 13:

The Return of Andrew Bentley 
The Remarkable Mrs. Hawks 
Portrait Without a Face 
An Attractive Family 


DVD Disc 14:
La Strega
The Storm
A Wig for Miss DeVore

DVD Disc 15:

The Hollow Watcher
Cousin Tundifer
The Incredible Dr. Markesan
Flowers of Evil

DVD Disc 16:
Till Death Do Us Part
The Bride Who Died Twice
Kill My Love
Man of Mystery


DVD Disc 17:

The Innocent Bystanders
The Lethal Ladies
The Specialists



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Sale Priced at $49.99 for a Limited Time Only

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